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Eileen Dreyer

Book Title: HEAD GAMES
Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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I'm tired of reading serial-killer books
in which the serial killer is the monster under the bed," declares suspense author Eileen Dreyer, whose March release, Head Games (St. Martin's), features a psychologically realistic portrait of a serial killer.

A former trauma and forensic nurse, Dreyer notes that her fascination with aberrant behavior stems from the challenge of simply trying to comprehend it. She endearingly boasts of having "the last functional family on earth" and says that being raised in such an environment left her unprepared for the harsh realities she faced as a 19-year-old trauma nurse trainee, working with patients who survived serious abuse. "It's why I continue to write such complex suspense," she explains. "I'm still trying to figure out why humans act the way they do."

Trauma nurses, she learned, became attuned to which individuals suffered enough to lose their chance of having a functional life and "kept lists of the patients they knew they'd see one day on the news with a body count under their names." But it was during a forensic training course titled Masters in Death Investigation that Dreyer got an insider's look at psychopathy through a guided dissection of the life of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. "Not only did his lawyer speak, but the responding officers, the homicide officers, the medical examiner and the prosecuting attorney," Dreyer explains. "What came out was the story of a very sad little boy who became a pathologically sad man. I actually ended up feeling sorry for Jeff." Her sentiment was also backed up by Robert Ressler of the Behavioral Sciences Unit of the FBI, who interviewed Dahmer extensively.

In Head Games, Dreyer brings back Molly Burke from Bad Medicine (1995), lawyer Frank Patterson and a surprise
addition to Burke's family. She's also created Kenny, a killer whose past is somehow connected to Molly's.

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