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Dee Henderson

Book Title: THE HEALER
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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Author's Message

Suspense, Love and Faith…

Nobody does it better than Dee Henderson!

Readers have embraced Dee Henderson's O'Malley Family series as if they, too, are part of the family. The seven O'Malley "siblings" are orphans who've made a deliberate choice to become their own family. "They are each trying to live up to their personal ideal of what it means to be a brother or sister," Dee says. They each have an interesting profession—including U.S. Marshall, hostage negotiator, trauma psychologist—which gives Dee a fresh context for each story. These novels are "crossovers" in the best sense—a combination of pulse-pounding suspense, warm romance, and an open-hearted exploration of Christian faith.

The O'Malleys resonate so with readers, Dee says, because they show "how we all hope our lives will turn out. Surrounded by close family and blessed to know a God who loves us. Getting there, however, may mean overcoming difficult pasts, learning to trust someone with our hearts, and being willing to face hard questions."

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