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Cynthia Garner

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Heart Of The Demon is the third installment in my Warriors of the Rift series. Finn Evnissyen is a smooth-talking, hard-edged demon on a mission, and he can’t let the sultry fey temptress Keira O’Brien get in his way. Characters from both Kiss of the Vampire and Secret Of The Wolf make an appearance in this third book, and I hope readers will enjoy catching up with them as much as they like getting to know Finn and Keira.

In Heart Of The Demon, the next influx of other-dimension entities is upon us. Tension is high as humans prepare as best they can, which is to say…not at all. No one knows who will become the newest members of the preternatural community, and if some rogues have their way, more humans than usual will join the ranks of vampires, shapeshifters, fey and demons. Finn and Keira both have their own agendas and are at cross purposes, yet that doesn’t stop them from wanting each other. Just check out the excerpt and you’ll see!

- Cynthia Garner

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