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Christmas comes twice for those readers who have read the best-selling and ongoing Morgans Mercenaries. Those of you who have written me to ask for more, are going to get two special gifts during the holiday season. Talking to my editors, we devised a strategy that we hope works for you, not to mention me, the author!

In December, HEART OF THE HUNTER kicks off a four-book series in Morgans Mercenaries. The four books tell the story of the Hunter brothers: Reid, Ty, Dev and Shep, four rough and tumble men from the Colorado Rockies who have found that their survival and hunting skills are more than welcome at Perseus, Morgan Trayherns clandestine mercenary organization.

HEART OF THE HUNTER (Silhouette Special Edition) is Reids story. The youngest of the brood, he is a captain in the Marine Corps and a specialist in the realm of NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) warfare. Reid has been burned by a love relationship and has sworn off women. When he is ordered by Morgan Trayhern to team up with Dr. Casey Morrow from the Office of Infectious Diseases, he revolts. He wants nothing to do with the world famous virus physician.

Casey Morrow doesnt suffer fools gladly eitherespecially Neanderthal-men like Captain Reid Hunter. Her job is to fly to Africa and hunt down the elusive Ebola virus, and she doesnt want sourpuss Reid Hunter tagging along as her guard dog. A thoroughly modern woman, Casey wants to throw off the shackles of his cave-man outlook toward women.

Besides the strain of working together, they are also being stalked by a group of bioterrorists. It is Reids job to protect Casey, but will she allow him to do so?

To top it off, both are drawn inexorably to one another, despite their scarred pasts. But will they be able to recognize their growing love for one another amid the turmoil surrounding them?

Unlike my other series, the Morgans Mercenaries Hunter books will not follow one after the other, month after month. It will be approximately four months between each one.

The second book, HUNTERS HELLION, (SSE) involves Ty Hunter and a woman from his past, Dr. Catt Alborak. There is nothing but friction, anger and hurt when they are forced to work together deep in the Amazon jungle. They are trying to save a village that is being swept by a deadly illness. Ty Hunter suspects that bioterrorists have caused the epidemic among the Juma Indian tribe.

Catt can barely think straight with the virile and powerful Ty Hunter in her midst. Their past is a blaze of abandonment and pain. But her heart has different ideas, and as the epidemic mounts she must battle falling in love with him all over again.

In Book 3, HUNTERS REBEL, (SSE) Dev Hunter must get over to Kauai, Hawaii and meet up with an ex-mercenary who used to work for Perseus, Kulani Dawson. Shes the best helicopter pilot on the island, and right now, he needs someone who knows the terrain. Perseus has traced one of the global bio-terrorists to the island and they think he is manufacturing the gene-cloned anthrax there.

Because the island is so mountainous, wet and treacherous, Dev is needed for his mountaineering abilities. Kulani wants nothing to do with the assignment because of one horrible incident in her past. All she wants to do is run her helicopter charter service, Rainbow Air, and fly tourists around her beautiful island.

Dev finds Kulani beautiful, mysterious and shut away from most of the world. Her trust lies only in her helicopter and in herselfnot him. Dev doesnt mean to fall in love with this wild, winsome woman who is more of an ethereal dream to him than a reality. Dare he dream that she can love him despite the terror that will stalk her if she accompanies him on the dangerous journey into the heart of an old volcano? Will they even come out of it alive?

In Book 4, HUNTERS WAR, which will be a Silhouette Desire release, Shep Hunter, the oldest brother, gets more than he ever bargained for when Morgan and the federal government come up with a decoy plan to try and nab a global bio-terrorist group.

Morgan wants to capture the terrorists and asks Shep to be one of the decoys. Hes the right manan intense loner who does things his way. Hes single-minded, a pit bull at heart, and will get what hes after. The only problem is that OID insists upon sending a medical doctor along as a legitimate cover with him. Dr. Maggie Harper volunteers for the dangerous mission, but Shep doesnt want a partner. However, Maggie sees things entirely differentlyhe needs her, her assets, her creativity and brilliance in the midst of chaos and danger. If Hunter thinks shes a weak link on this team, he has another thing coming.

Maggie hadnt counted on falling for the rugged, iconoclastic loner, Shep Hunter. And although he doesnt like her independent spirit, in a moment of jeopardy, Sheps heart reveals just how much hes fallen for the woman he thought was weak and useless.

In the midst of all this, the second Christmas gift will arrive a month after HEART OF THE HUNTER is released!

Im very excited about my first single-title release with Silhouette, entitled HEART OF THE JAGUAR (mid-Dec. '98) Readers who have long hungered and patiently waited for Major Mike Houston and Dr. Ann Parsons book will finally get their wish. HEART OF THE JAGUAR is about Major Mike Houston, a man shrouded in mystery, darkness and lethal assignments. The no-nonsense, courageous Dr. Ann Parsons is about to discover the real Mike Houston, who is a legend in Peru where he works with the government and military resources. There he is known as the Jaguar God. A military man around whom legends abound, he is a warrior who fights drug lords.

This is a deeply intense love story filled with adventure, danger and a cast of characters guaranteed to make you want more from each of them, too. With this longer formatted book, I was able to stretch into a deeper characterization of both the lead and secondary characters.

I cant think of a better Christmas gift to offer my legion of loyal readers than these two romance novels.

Happy Holidays! I truly hope you enjoy these books. Write to me at P.O. Box 2513, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. And visit me online at The Medicine Garden (

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