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The day Kevin Tucker nearly killed her, Molly Somerville swore off unrequited love forever.

She was dodging the icy places in the Chicago Stars headquarters parking lot when Kevin came roaring out of nowhere in his brand-new $140,000 fire-engine red Ferrari 355 Spider. With tires shrieking and engine snarling, the low slung car sprang around the corner, spewing slush. As the rear end flew toward her, she flung herself backward, hit the bumper of her brother-in-laws Lexus, lost her footing, and fell in a cloud of angry exhaust

If it hadnt been for my friend Jill Barnett, THIS HEART OF MINE probably wouldnt have been written. After the 1997 release of Nobodys Baby But Mine, I was flooded with letters and e-mail demanding a book about Kevin Tucker, Cal Bonners back-up quarterback. It sounded like a great idea to me, but I didnt have a clue what woman would be strong enough to be Kevins match. I was whining about this one day to Jill when she said,
You idiot! Kevin ends up with Molly Somerville!

The minute she said it, I knew she was right. (Although she could have been a little more diplomatic!) Brainy Molly, the little sister in It Had To Be You, and Kevin, the Stars overly-confident quarterback, were perfect partners. Telling their story was just what I needed to round out the Chicago Stars series. Now all I had to do was convince them! (And you thought this job was easy.)

Since you last saw Kevin in Nobodys Baby But Mine, hes become the Stars starting quarterback. But hes also turned into a daredevil, much to the discomfort of the Stars management. And we all know who they are, dont we? Our old friends Phoebe Somerville and Dan Calebow from It Had To Be You, the first of the Chicago Stars books.

And what about Phoebes little sister Molly? When we last saw her, she was a teenager, but Mollys all grown up now. She writes the Daphne the Bunny childrens books series, is still a bit of a nerd, and she has a crush on Kevin that shes fighting with all her might. (A lot
of good thats going to do her.)

Id like to say I had a good time revisiting these old friends, but frankly, they drove me nuts. Phoebe and Dan are way too possessive of Molly. Molly has a wild side thats gotten completely out of control. As for Kevin Just because a man is drop dead gorgeous, rich, charming, and talented doesnt mean he knows anything about love. Youll have to trust me
on this. Im also excited to announce that THIS HEART OF MINE has its very own soundtrack. I love movie soundtracks, and Ive been thinking for a long time that books should have them, too. Now this one does! It was written and recorded by the only musician I trusted to take my vision and translate it into his ownmy sublimely talented son, singer/songwriter Zach Phillips. Okay, I know Im bragging, but mothers are allowed to, and his loyal fans in Chicago agree with me about his music. Im betting you will, too.

To hear an audio sample of Zachs CD and to learn more about THIS HEART OF MINE, log on to my brand-new website at (I update it around the first of each month.) While youre there, visit my bulletin board. I pop up frequently in a futile attempt to keep everyone from misbehaving! You can sign up for my monthly contest, check out the recipes, see some family photos, andmost important! youll be able to check out my tour schedule for February and March. Preliminary plans call for me to visit Dallas, Houston, Dayton, Cleveland, Jackson (TN), Lexington, Louisville, Fort Lauderdale, and Cincinnati. I hope to see all of you! You can also reach me at 1212 S. Naper Blvd., Suite #119, Naperville, Illinois 60540-8360.

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