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Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Captain Joe Catalanotto came into my office without knocking. The hero of my first Tall, Dark & Dangerous series romance about U.S. Navy SEALs, Joe Cats had free reign of my imagination since he first popped into my head, back in 1995.

Yo, Suz.

Im writing, I love you, leave me alone.

Laughing he sat and put his feet up. Hey, whats HEART THROB? He picked up the gorgeous hot-pink book from
my desk.

Its my first mainstream romance from Fawcett Gold Medal. Itll be out soon.

How come Im not in that one?

I just smiled.

Joe asks that about all my books.

The heros named Jericho Beaumont. He read the back blurb, then gave me a look. You wrote a book about an actor?

Suz is into other things besides Navy SEALs, Cat. Senior Chief Harvard Becker, six and a half feet of well-muscled African-American maleanother of my SEAL heroesalso came in without knocking and leaned against my desk.

He gave me his we-both-know-you-like-me-best smile. Suzs a big movie fan. You know, her kids are actors and shes spent a lot of time on movie sets. HEART THROB was a fun book for her
to write.

Jerichos not just any actor, I told Joe. Hes actually a lot like you guysthe best of the best. But hes struggled with alcoholism for years. In HEART THROB, hes five years sober and trying
to make a comeback. He auditions for this great part, but the movies producer, Kate OLaughlin, is spooked by his past track record.

Im sorry, but Im not making the connection here. Exactly how is he like us?

HEART THROBs hero, Jericho Beaumont, was intelligent, breathtakingly handsome, and highly skilled. (Just like Joewho wasnt going to hear all that from me.)

Jericho pushed open my office door. He was, undeniably, the most handsome man in the universe.

He doesnt knock when he comes in, I said to Joe.

Everything okay in here? Jericho asked in his sexy southern drawl.

Joe glanced at Harvard. Harvard glanced at Joe.

Actually, sweetie, I said I was trying to write. I have a deadline.

So. Joe cleared his throat. Sweetie. A mainstream romance, huh? What makes it different from Suzs series books? Besides the fact that youre Mr. Gorgeous.

This books a lot longer. Jericho smiled ruefully. I get to suffer for more pages. First Suz puts me in an impossible situation. The producer, Kate, insists
I take daily drug tests. And theres this Marine Drill Sergeant from hell she hires to babysit me, 24/7 He glanced at their camouflage fatigues. No offense.

None taken.

Okay, Jericho said. Picture this. Im in my trailer one night, and Sergeant Satan gets a phone call. Hes got to go out, doesnt tell me where or why, and instead of calling Kate and finding someone
else to stay with me, he takes my clothes and handcuffs me to the wall.

Suz, Harvard chided. Did you do that to poor Jericho?

I just smiled.

Next morning Sarge still isnt back, so Im late for the set, Jericho told them. Kate comes looking for me, mad as hell, thinking Ive gone on a binge. But there I am, and there Kate finds me. Locked in my trailer, completely naked, and
handcuffed to the wall.

Joe cringed.

Damn, Harvard said. Im glad I wasnt in a mainstream romance.

Jericho nodded. Thats just the beginning.

Im dying to read this book,
Harvard said.

Guys. Please. I need to write.

Zoes just walked in on Jake in the
shower and

Joe laughed. What is it with you and naked men?

I just smiled.

My six Tall, Dark & Dangerous series romances have won RTs WISH Awards, and the last three have won Gold Medal reviews as well. HEART THROB is my first mainstream romance. Visit the Ballantine website at for
chapters of HEART THROB, contests and more! Write to me at or send an SASE to P.O. Box 5092, Wayland, MA 01778.

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