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Emily March

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Readers, 

Welcome to Eternity Springs! 

I am having a wonderful time writing my new, small-town series. After more than twenty books in a variety of sub-genres, I feel like I am writing what I was always meant to write, that I have in a sense, found my way home. Eternity Springs has worked its magic on me. I hope you’ll visit and let it work its magic on you, too. 

Eternity Springs is a place where broken hearts go to heal, so for the third book of my series, Heartache Falls, I wrote about one of my favorite themes—a troubled marriage.

I like a secret baby book and kidnapped bride plot as much as the next romance reader, but Eternity Springs is a setting for more realistic stories. It doesn’t get much more realistic than Mac and Ali Timberlake’s troubles.

Heartache Falls introduces you to the Timberlakes at a time of change in their lives–the beginning of their empty-nest years. Ali has been a happy and fulfilled stay-at-home mom. Mac started out with nothing and worked hard to achieve success, recognition and respect in his chosen profession. Just when things started to go wrong in their marriage, neither one can say, but without the distraction of kids around the house, the problem can no longer be denied or ignored. Mac and Ali still love one another. Neither want their marriage to fail, but somehow, it’s on the brink of doing just that.

I think what I like most about marriage-in-jeopardy stories is that I can relate to the characters. I’ll never be a marriage-of-convenience bride or a city-girl-who-finds-true-love-on-a-ranch, but I did marry my high school sweetheart and our marriage has lasted thirty years. I understand how little slights can compound over time to become big issues. I know how easy it is to let life get in the way of love. I recognize that every relationship has its ups and downs and that sometimes, the downs can seem insurmountable. So I find that stories where characters face these sort of real-life issues and emerge stronger than before to be a reaffirmation of sorts. In this world where divorce is so prevalent, the message that marriages can survive life’s challenges speaks to my heart. I find it positive, powerful and filled with hope. It’s the message I want to convey to readers of Heartache Falls.  

However, Heartache Falls is at its heart a romance novel. So I also take care to show that every relationship—no matter if its lasted five months or fifty years– can use a dose of real romance from time to time. And because I do so love my romantic fantasies, I usually include a scene where the proud, handsome hero does have to grovel a little bit to win the day in my books, so you’ll see that in Heartache Falls. (I don’t want to get too realistic, you know. This is fiction.)

Eternity Springs is a place of healing and happy endings. It’s a place where family and friendship are valued. It’s a place where love truly does conquer all. I invite you to journey with me to Eternity Springs in Heartache Falls. I promise you’ll enjoy your visit.

Happy reading,

- Emily March

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