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Tina Wainscott

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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I wonderwell, I wonder about a lot of things. Its a wonder I get anything done, actually. I wonder about the mysteries that tease our universe, many of them hotly debated among experts and regular people alike. Are there angels? Aliens? Monsters?

Ive written some pretty far-out stuff, like dying and returning in someone elses body (On the Way to Heaven, Shades of Heaven, Second Time Around) and psychic connections (Dreams of You). As I found out from a fan letter, my made-up concept of returning in anothers body is actually a belief called walk-ins.

Now my stories are centered around what I call reality beyond reality
phenomena, meaning mysteries that
are possible and probable. My new release, IN A HEARTBEAT, plays with twins haunting connection. The catalyst, however, is the medical mystery of cellular memory.

When we donate our organs, dont we give the gift of life, plus the gift of ourselves? How much of our soul inhabits our cells? Not science fiction, my friends, but a new spiritual reality. On his website, Dr. Paul Pearshall, a psychiatrist and the author of The Hearts Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy, recounts the story of an 8-year-old girl who received a heart from a 10-year-old murder victim. The 8-year-old had horrible dreams of the man who murdered her donor. She gave descriptions of the time, weapon, place, clothes, and what the victim said. The po-lice found the murderer and confirmed
all the little girl had stated.

Inspired by a real woman who published a book about her strange experience (soon to be made into a movie), IN A HEARTBEAT tells the story of a man who dies in a car wreck, leaving his desperately ill wife one last gift: his heart. Now something strange is happening. Jenna is being led to the twin brother she never knew her husband had, and a truth too dark to face.

There is no such thing as a miracle which violates natural law. There are only occurrences which violate our limited knowledge of natural law - St. Augustine.

Feel free to drop me a line at P.O. Box 10622, Naples, Florida 34101 or my new e-mail address: Booksellers, dont forget about my contest for the most creative display! The winner receives a beautiful 14K-gold pendant and the runner-up gets a role in my next novel! Send your store info and display picture to me by July 15. Winners will be chosen August 15.

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