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Kaki Warner

Genre: America, Historical Romance

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I like trilogies. I like to read them and I like to write them. But after my debut trilogy—Pieces of Sky, Open Country, and Chasing the Sun—I was on testosterone overload: those Wilkins brothers can be so exhausting, bless their hearts. So when I started my second trilogy, which is about runaway brides, I was ready for some simple old-fashioned estrogen. 


Picture this: 1870. Four women traveling by train end up becoming stranded in a dying mining town in the Colorado Rockies. One is on her way (with her half-sister) to meet her husband-by-proxy, a rancher with four children. One is an Englishwoman who has given up on her absent Scottish soldier/husband and has come to America to photograph the West from a female perspective. And one is an Irish immigrant from New York who has fled her wedding to a railroad mogul with a valise full of railroad shares.

Simple? Hardly.

The first book, Heartbreak Creek, out July 5th, pits a somewhat spoiled, definitely stubborn, eternally optimistic southern belle against an overworked, cynical rancher and his four rambunctious children. Declan Brodie has already had one wife run off then later die in an Indian attack. All he wants now is a hard worker—not a bedmate, or a companion, or another flighty female. (OK, maybe he wouldn’t mind that bedmate part...but mostly what he needs is help). So he puts an ad for a wife in the Matrimonial News:  “Honest, hard-working widower, age thirty-three, seeks sturdy English-speaking woman to help with mountain ranch and four children. Drinkers, whores, and gamblers need not apply.”

Ah…the romance of the West.

Luckily, Edwina Ladoux isn’t looking for romance. She tried that once and it didn’t work out so well. But after losing her Louisiana plantation home to carpetbaggers, she’s desperate enough to do anything to escape the reconstruction South and keep herself and her half-sister safe, even if she has to offer herself up as a mail order bride. What does it matter if she doesn’t know how to cook or keep house or manage children…or a husband? How hard can it be? Besides, with her sister’s help, she’ll figure all that out in no time.

Sure she will.

Two damaged people with a lot to learn. Yet somehow, they persevere. But then old enemies come calling, and dead wives return, and high on a rickety scaffold above an abandoned mine, their fragile peace is shattered. Can Declan overcome his greatest fear to save his daughter? Will Edwina, a woman who has never had to fight for anything, do battle to protect the family she has come to love? And what about that pesky not-so-dead first wife?

For more on the heroes of the Blood Rose Trilogy, and the heroines of Heartbreak Creek, drop by I love company.


- Kaki Warner

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