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Im excited to be telling you about my new book, HEARTLESS, the first in a series of stories about three English lords who find the ladies of their hearts. Their journeys are not easy, but the rewards are great. Heres an excerpt from HEARTLESS. I hope youll watch for it and that you enjoy!

I am excited to be here at Mrs. Penworthys School for the Deportment of Young Ladies, finishing school being the next step in accomplishing my dream, that of becoming a lady. Still, I worry I shall never quite fit in. The other girls are all so refined and sure of themselves while I am constantly in peril of saying or doing the wrong thing. I have heard them making fun of me behind my back, but mostly they simply ignore me. In a way I am grateful. I fear, should the secret of my low birth be known, I would be ostracized completely

A memory of the letter slowly faded. Justin Ross, Fifth Earl of Greville, restlessly paced next to the hearth. He was tired tonight, bone-weary in a way that had nothing to do with his journey and everything to do with disillusionment and utter disappointment. They were rare emotions, since he had long ago accepted that life was little more than a series of

He thought of the woman upstairs and the anger he had felt earlier rose up once more, making his fingers tighten around the heavy iron poker in front of the fire. His long-awaited meeting with Ariel Summers was nothing at all what he had imagined. Never once had he expected to find the sweet young woman in the letters wrapped in the arms of the most notorious rake in Londonhis bitterest enemy, Phillip Marlin. Justin damned the girl to hell for the betrayal he felt and silently congratulated himself on not losing his temper far worse than he had.

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