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Gloria Dale Skinner

Book Title: HELLION
Genre: Historical Romance

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In the books Ive read its always the hero who is the town hellion, and the love of a good woman helps him change his ways. Thats why I chose to make the heroine of my latest book the hellion, but the hero doesnt want to change herhe loves her just the way she is.

Read the excerpt Ive picked out for you and see if you dont agree that the title fits. Rosellen Lattimer has just climbed through a bedroom window at the saloon to find the hero standing with a gun pointed at herunclothed and unashamed

Rosellen felt her heart slamming against her chest, beating in double time. It almost hurt to breathe. Cason was a magnificent man. Powerful and dangerous.

He kept the gun pointed at her as she rose from the window and turned fully toward him. She forced herself to keep her gaze on his face. Rosellens hands dropped to her sides. She hardly dared to breathe. A quick glance around told her that he was alone. Surprising. She wondered if hed just arrived or if one of Gaylas girls had already been in and left.

Cason didnt move to pull on his trousers, or to cover his body with the sheet, his shirt or his hat. He could have grabbed the red satin robe that lay on the foot of the bed, but he didnt reach for any of those things.

He wanted her to look at him.

But why? Did he want to intimidate her, frighten her or seduce her? She wasnt sure which, but she couldnt let him do any of them. Rosellen knew that if she ever showed this man a weakness hed find a way to use it against her.

With deliberate slowness she let her gaze travel down his strong neck, over his broad, muscular shoulders and chest, then lower. His stomach was flat, firm. His hips were lean, narrow. She noted that he must have worked outside because the skin below his waist was much lighter than his face, neck, and chest.

She couldnt help looking at his entire body. Her gaze inched lower. She saw curly dark golden blond hair andBig. A thrill shimmied up her spine. She didnt want to blink and miss one second of inspecting Casons splendid, handsome body.

Are you through looking me over? Her gaze flew back to his face. The tautness of her body increased. Damn, dont let me blush.

His expression was reckless. His words and how he said them could have been considered teasing had it not been for the intense fire of arousal she saw in his eyes. The sensual set to his full lips was suggestive of the way shed been staring at him.

Cason lowered his gun to his side. Without conscious effort her gaze followed the movement of his hand.

I can stand here longer if you need more time. Damn him. He was having fun at her expense.

Hoping he wouldnt notice, she lightly cleared her throat before attempting to speak. I have three older brothers. Ive seen the male body.

But you havent seen me before.

That sounds like a challenge.

Then it must be.

Her breathing was so shallow she wasnt sure she was getting any air. A raw tension dominated the air between them, but Rosellen couldnt let him know just how his brashness stirred her blood.

She deliberately looked at his entire body again before meeting his eyes. You all look alike, she lied.



Not convinced, he challenged in a low, seductive voice. I cant say Ive ever had a woman look me over so thoroughly before.

She deliberately, wantonly looked at his forbidden parts again. She could have sworn it was growing. She waited a long time before she moistened her lips and managed to lie with a straight face, Im not impressed.


I hope you enjoy HELLION. Id love to hear from you. You can write to me at 2433 Thomas Drive, Suite 181, Panama City Beach, FL 32408. I always reply with a postcard or bookmark. An SASE is appreciated.

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