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Victoria Alexander rekindles old-time movie glamour in HER HIGHNESS, MY WIFE

Longing for a romance that makes you swoon? Victoria Alexander has the perfect solution—no smelling salts needed. In her latest Avon historical, HER HIGHNESS, MY WIFE, Victoria delivers a screwball romantic comedy in the same vein as those vintage Tinseltown flicks starring dashing men and glamorous women. "This just may be my favorite title. It reminds me of one of those 1940s' comedies like 'Without Reservations' with Claudette Colbert and John Wayne. I adore Claudette Colbert's movies and the heroines she played. (And I know this is probably blasphemy for old movie fans but I love 'Without Reservations' much more than 'It Happened One Night,' which swept the Oscars in 1934.)"

But her new release has more than just a catchy title in common with those black-and-white classics. "It has a very strong-willed heroine determined to get what she wants and a very stubborn hero who is not about to let her have it. Of course, the heroine just happens to be a princess and the hero is the man she dumped, which does tend to make things difficult."

Also complicating matters are missing jewels, a lost princess, a very nasty relative, family reunions, questions of duty and responsibility and a touch of thoroughly modern 1819 (!) technology—all in all, a story that just might be worthy of a classic Claudette Colbert heroine!

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