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I love old movies! Theres nothing better than an afternoon with American Movie Classics, pajamas, and a box of M&Ms. My very favorites are 1930s screwball comedies with the impossibly elegant Cary Grant pursued by madcap heiresses like Irene Dunne or Katherine Hepburn.

Even though HER KIND OF MAN is set
in the Old West, in a dusty little town called Dead Dog, New Mexico, where there are no fabulous Art Deco nightclubs in sight, it was inspired by these movies. Evie Carlisle, a very madcap heiress, has run away from her high society New York life to write Western dime novels. She thinks shes found her ultimate inspiration (her Cary Grant) in saloon owner Connor Morgan; he thinks otherwise. But theyre going to have a lot of fun as she tries to convince him that hes her kind of man, as in this excerpt, where Connor tries to teach Evie to shoot!

Muttering to himself, Connor bent
to straighten the bottle she was aiming at. Evies attention wandered to a hawk soaring overhead, but unfortunately her finger had a mind of its own and tightened on the trigger. The next thing
she knew Connor was writhing in the dust, his backside full of buckshot.

You shot me in the ass, woman!

Well, I certainly didnt mean to! You got in my way!

You didnt mean to? You are a curse, sent from God to punish me!To think I kissed you!

I dont

Dont stand there yammering, woman! Get help! Im dying here.

Evie shook her finger at him. Nonsense. No one ever died from a little buckshot in the um, rear end. Even I know that. Dont be such a big baby!

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