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Rhys Bowen

Genre: Historical, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Not So Innocent


I never set out to write a historical series, let alone two. Before I started my Molly Murphy books, I knew I wanted a strong, first-person female sleuth, one who doesn't always know when it is wise to shut up.

But as I wrote, I enjoyed the challenges of setting stories long ago. First there were the physical challenges for women: how to breathe in corsets, how to run or climb walls with all those skirts and petticoats, how to get information from men when women were not allowed in saloons. And how to be taken seriously when women were supposed to stay home and do embroidery.

Now I have embarked on a new historical series, this one set in the 1930s, and a heroine with a very different lifestyle. She's a member of the British royal family. Her only destiny is supposed to be marriage into another royal household. Trying to live on her own and get an ordinary job? Shocking and simply not done, even though she is penniless. But like Molly, Lady Georgiana, aka Her Royal Spyness (Jul., Berkley), she does not give up easily. Who would suspect that she'd try to clean noble houses to make a little money? Or gatecrash a posh wedding with an unsuitable wild Irishman? Or solve the case when she finds a body in her bathtub and somebody is out to kill her?

What I like about setting my stories long ago, apart from the rich flavor of the times, is all those great motives for murder: I love another but I am not free ... I am the true heir to the fortune. All make good stories and perfect motives for murder.

And my heroines have to rely on their wit and skill to solve the crimes. No CSI for them. Just good old-fashioned detective skills. -- Rhys Bowen

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