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Michele Hauf

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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I'm very excited that Her Vampire Husband is out in bookstores now. It's actually #3 in the Wicked Games series, but as with any series I write, the book stands alone. You don't have to read #1 to understand what's going on in #2 or #3. The first two books, The Highwayman and Moon Kissed were published with Silhouette Nocturne. So are you wondering why Her Vampire Husband is in single title format with HQN? Why the switch in imprints?

The story behind it is kind of fun. I had expected Her Vampire Husband to come out last November, two months after Moon Kissed. It was scheduled with Nocturne, I'd printed up the bookmarks, and done promotion. At that time, I was also the webmaster for the Nocturne Authors site. So once a month, I'd surf over to Amazon and check out all the upcoming Nocturne releases. I'd seen Her Vampire Husband listed for months, but suddenly, it was not there.

What was up with that? Horrible thoughts came to mind. Had the book been moved back in the schedule? Had I done something wrong? It was already edited, ready to go to print. And I'd sent out bookmarks!

So I emailed my editor and very politely asked why Her Vampire Husband was no longer listed at Amazon. (I worded it nicely, and didn't let on that I was freaking out.) She didn't answer that day. I sunk in my chair. I must have done something REALLY bad.

The next day the phone rang and it was my editor. She had a surprise for me. A few months ago she'd sent Her Vampire Husband on to the editorial staff for HQN (Harlequin's single title line). They wanted to put it out as a bigger book.

Now, I'm not a person to shout or get too frenzied when I'm excited. I've been known to go catatonic, actually, when given good news. But I do recall my effusive whisper into the phone, "Yes!". I'd been wanting to be promoted to the HQN line for some time. And now it had happened. My editor had secretly plotted behind my back to move the title on to the HQN line.

How cool is that? And what does that mean, exactly? Well, Her Vampire Husband will be shelved with the rest of the romance books in bookstores, and get more prominent exposure on the front racks at stores.

I'm a little worried, though. Nocturne readers know where to go to find their Nocturnes, and they are fans of single title paranormal romance as well. But a lot of single title paranormal romance fans are not aware of the awesome Nocturne series books shelved with the other Harlequin/Silhouette series. So will they think I'm a new author? Will they be aware I've a backlist of paranormal romance? I hope so!

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