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Ive heard it said that just before Patricia Cornwell puts out a new novel, she gets herself involved in some big scandal to stir up publicity. I dont know if thats true; sometimes things just happen. I know that it is completely unintentional with me that just before the release of my new book, HERE COMES THE BRIDE, I got engaged!

Yes, like really engaged, with a diamond solitaire and
fall wedding plans, engaged. His name is Bill. He is sweet and shy and smart and sexy. And his most attractive feature? Hes crazy about me. Im pretty much stuck on him as well. Weve been dating a little over a year and Im so happy my cheeks hurt from grinning all the time.

Who would believe it? I certainly wouldnt have. Three and a half years ago when my husband died after a long illness, I expected to be alone for the rest of my life. And I didnt really think the rest of my life was going to be all that long anyway. I was tired to the point of exhaustion.
I felt ancient. I had to struggle to maintain interest in my work, my friends, even my family. Im not saying that I was ready to throw myself in front of a speeding bus. However, if one had happened upon me unexpectedly,
I wouldnt have minded much.

So what changed? How did I get from there, lifeless and used up, to here, giggling and optimistic? I was healed by love.

Im not saying it was like a romance novel. Far too many sub-plots and quirky characters to ever fit into the genre. And the love was not all the smooching and passion kind. In fact, the first time I felt alive again, the male in my arms was my tiny grandson, only hours old. I suppose a doctor would say that I had a peri-menopausal incident or a hormone surge. But the love that filled me when I held that baby for the first time was like a healing balm. It shored up the cracks in my broken heart. As the days passed, I realized I wanted to live. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to have fun again. And I wanted a man in my life.

I think the heroine of HERE COMES THE BRIDE, Miss Augusta Mudd, must have felt very much the same. At age 31, after devoting herself to her late father and the family business that he founded, she realizes that if her dreams of marriage and family are ever going to come true, the time is now.
Shes been keeping company with Amos Dewey since his wife passed away. Amos is tall, dark, handsome and has his own successful business. Because he seems the perfect candidate, Gussie doesnt bother to look further. Familiar with the machinations and manipulations of the business world, she decides to corner the market on eligible men. Her co-conspirator is Rome Akers, her top employee at the Mudd Manufactured Ice Company. For a partnership in the business, Rome is willing to pretend to be in love with her. Its the towns scandalous Wicked Widow who realizes that a
partnership in Gussies life is more what Rome needs.

It was a fun story to write; another great adventure into small-town America of days gone by. I learned a lot too, about ice manufacturing, barber shops, and even bridal customs. Before she has even secured her groom, Gussie begins to plan the fanciest wedding the town has ever seen. I hope Ill be able to utilize at least some of that research when planning my own more modest nuptials next fall.

Please look for HERE COMES THE BRIDE on sale July 6. Visit Pams website at or write to her c/o Pamela Morsi mail, 7th Floor, HarperCollins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022.

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