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Carla Neggers

Book Title: HERON'S COVE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

In my new Sharpe & Donovan series, Colin Donovan and Emma Sharpe are both FBI agents who grew up on the southern Maine coast—but they have little else in common. Colin’s hometown is the struggling fishing village of Rock Point. He tells his family, including three brothers as rugged as he is, that he works at a desk at FBI headquarters in Washington. Instead, he’s a deep-cover agent who’s penetrated an international network of arms traffickers.

 Just down the coast from Colin’s home in Rock Point is Emma’s pretty hometown of Heron’s Cove. It’s the stuff of postcards, and it’s where her grandfather, a legendary art detective, set up shop sixty years ago. He’s now semi-retired and living in Dublin while Emma’s brother runs Sharpe Fine Art Recovery. Emma has followed in her family’s footsteps via an unusual path: Before becoming an arts crimes expert with the FBI, she took a detour as a novice with the Sisters of the Joyful Heart, studying art history and art restoration. 

When Emma and Colin meet in the first book of the series, Saint's Gate, after the murder of a sister at Emma’s former convent, sparks fly between them right from the start. Colin’s cut-to-the-chase energy appeals to Emma, who is more analytical in nature. Colin’s drawn to Emma’s authenticity, a quality he appreciates after months of working undercover.

In my newest novel, Heron's Cove, Emma and Colin’s budding relationship is tested when her world as a Sharpe and his world as a deep-cover agent collide. Just back home in Maine after escaping certain death, Colin wants to find the men who tried to kill him, but he believes his true identity is safe, his family and friends are safe. Then Tatiana Pavlova, a Russian jewelry designer based in London, turns up in Heron’s Cove to warn Emma that a prized collection of Russian Art Nouveau jewelry and art has resurfaced and is about to be stolen again…and Colin soon realizes his identity is compromised, and his family and friends aren’t safe. And neither is Emma. 

Tatiana’s warning forces Emma to revisit memories of the months between leaving the convent and heading to Quantico, when she worked with her grandfather in Dublin. It’s a time she doesn’t want to think about and yet now she must. What will it do to her relationship with Colin? They fell for each other before they really got to know each other. What can she tell him? What should she tell him? 

Most important, Emma and Colin want to keep everyone safe. They’re both independent, accustomed to holding their secrets close. Is it better to work alone or to stand together? 

I’m having great fun with Emma, Colin and the Sharpes and Donovans—and Finian Bracken, the Irish priest who has stolen readers’ hearts. As I type this, I’m in a tiny cottage on the Southwest Irish coast, hard at work on Declan's Cross, the next story in my Sharpe & Donovan series.

- Carla Neggers

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