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Tessa Adams

Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal

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In the Dragon's Heat series, I've created the Dragonstar clan, a group of dragons who live in the deserts of modern day New Mexico. They've spent centuries trying to blend into their surroundings while at the same time making a place for themselves in the human world around them. For a long time, things went well, but recently battles with other, darker clans have made everyone uneasy. Additionally, their very survival is threatened by a disease that is sweeping through the clan and which has a zero percent survival rate. In Hidden Embers, Book Two of the series, the hero and healer of the Dragonstar clan, Quinn Maguire, must struggle to find a cure for this virus before it wipes out any chance his clan has of surviving.

When I first decided to write a paranormal dragon series (which was such a big deviation from my contemporary romances and erotic suspense novels that I ended up getting a whole new name to write them under) a number of people asked me why? In fact, I was on vacation in Egypt last year and talking to some women about my writing (I was working on Dark Embers, the first book in the series, at that point) and one of the women asked me why on earth I'd want to write about dragons? I remember thinking, why on earth wouldn't I want to write about dragons?  

Dragons are cool. They're dark and sexy and smart and mysterious and they can breathe fire—or at least my dragons can ;) Add in the fact that they have a love of bright, sparkly jewels, live for nearly a thousand years and can shift into the hottest, strongest men around and what's not to love? Besides, with their reputation from fairy tales and the like, I can get away with making them as bad as I want—and that’s a good thing. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I love a bad boy. And Quinn is the baddest of the bad.

He’s dark, tortured, angry, angst-ridden and out for revenge—in Dark Embers I killed off his older brother and in the beginning of Hidden Embers, he loses his youngest brother as well. Of course, he blames himself for both deaths, though there was nothing he could do to prevent either, and he’s desperate to forget his pain—even as he struggles to save anyone else from dying. He’s tough, but then so is Dr. Jasmine Kane, the heroine I gave him. And once she figures out what’s going on with him, there’s no way she’s backing away—or backing down. She’s exactly what Quinn needs at a time in his life when he’s convinced he doesn’t need anyone.

Hidden Embers isn't your typical fantasy book, nor is it your typical romance. It's a little bit of everything—from suspense, to fantasy, to paranormal romance, to medical thriller, to contemporary, to ... you get the picture. I had so much fun writing this book – from researching dragons and learning about deadly viruses to working with my thirteen year old son on battle strategy and magic powers, to writing the incredible sparks that fly between Quinn and Jasmine as two very different people from two very different backgrounds try to find a way to be together. I hope you enjoy this book, and the ones to come, as much as I enjoyed writing them.  

- Tessa Adams

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