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Barbara Freethy

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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At Hidden Falls, the fourth book in my Angel's Bay series, is all about family secrets. Isabella Silveira, the youngest sister of Angel's Bay's chief of police, Joe Silveira, is drawn to Angel's Bay after a series of unrelenting and disturbing dreams make her wonder if her brother is in trouble. But when her car is run off a cliff on her way into town, the man who rescues her looks exactly like the man in her dreams. But why has she been dreaming about a man she's never met?  
Nick Hartley grew up in the colorful and eccentric family that runs the Angel's Bay Community Theater. His parents, grandparents, sister, and cousins are all theater people, and the old theater is filled with haunting memories of the past, some of which are his own, some of which he'd like to forget. While Nick is intrigued by the beautiful Isabella, he doesn't need the complication of love as he is attempting to reconnected with his estranged teenage daughter. But there's a reason these two characters have come together ... family secrets that tie the present to the past.   
I loved writing Isabella, who is a quirky, creative, free spirit with unusual blue eyes and a special gift that occasionally gives her glimpses into the future. Nick is the opposite, or at least he's trying to be. He used to be free spirited, with big dreams, but reality has turned him into someone who lives tightly within the lines of his life, trying to be someone his daughter can look up to. That is if he can get her to look at him at all. 
There's a lot of emotion in Angel's Bay with this storyline, not only with Nick and Isabella, but also Nick's complicated relationship with his daughter, which I hope readers will enjoy. And for fans of the series, Annie and her baby, as well as Charlotte, Joe and Andrew, also have a secondary story line that connects to someone else's family secret. In Angel's Bay the past and the present almost always tie together whether it's in the remaking of a memorial quilt or an old piece of jewelry that Isabella just can't seem to take off. I hope you'll check out the latest action in Angel's Bay!
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- Barbara Freethy

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