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Anne Avery

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Homecomings can be strange. That's what Tarl Grisaan, heir to planet Diloran's Controllorship, finds out in Hidden Heart (Love Spell, July). He's only been back a few weeks and already his uncle is trying to kill him, his best friend wants him to devote his life to a cause he doesn't believe in, and he's betrothed to a woman he's never met --beautiful Marna of Jiandu -- who seems just as determined as his uncle to see him dead.

But you be the judge:

Tarl was five steps into the room before he realized that it wasn't vacant after all. As his senses registered a human presence standing in front of the farthest window, he spun around, preparing to vault back out the way he'd come.

"I will kill you before you're halfway out that window."

At the low, unmistakably feminine voice, Tarl grinned and relaxed, ever so slightly. Maybe his luck hadn't gone bad, after all. He turned back slowly.

The disruptor she held was unmistakable, even in the dark. As for her...Tarl's throat squeezed shut.

She was magnificent. A vision of erotic dreams clothed in pale light and shadow and nothing more.

She was also undeniably stark naked.

After due consideration, Tarl raised his hands. Slowly. "I didn't realize anyone was in."


"No. I was just...passing through, so to speak."

Tarl assumed his most engaging smile. The effort was wasted. She probably couldn't see his expression any better than he could see hers. If she could, then he'd have to assume she didn't think much of engaging smiles. Pity.

He tried again. "I didn't mean to bother you. I'll just-"

"You'll stay right where you are." The disruptor came up a fraction.

Not to be outdone, Tarl raised his hands a little higher, too. "The thing is, I got lost. Went out for a walk and...just got lost. You know how it is."

 Look for "A Dance on the Edge," a romance via e-mail in the anthology, Lovescape.The Snow Queen (Nov. '96) is a fairy-tale romance set in 1890s Colorado Springs, which is dear to me as my great-grandfather settled north of there at Palmer Lake.

Please write to me at: P.O. Box 62533, Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2533. SASE appreciated.

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