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Cherry Adair

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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I adore writing action-adventure romances. I love the swash and buckle. The danger. The running-chasing-shooting-falling down-sexy-non-stop-action. But I hate snakes. Im like Indiana Jones who goes into a cold sweat at the thought of anything that slithers. (Unless, of course, were talking snake skin shoes, and if they fit well, they dont slither. Sorry. I digressed.) I also dont like the heat (unless were talking sauna at a lovely spa). But thats precisely the reason youll find the characters from my latest book, HIDE AND SEEK, in the jungles of South America where its hot, steamy and crawling with snakes and other nasty creepy things, including drug lords.

Its my job to put my characters in the worst possible situation and let them struggle their way out of it. (For me that would be heat and snakes, oh and a morning without my bottled Mocha Frappuccino, stuck way the hell and gone in the middle of nowhere Its a good thing I write fiction.)

People frequently ask if the characters I write about are part of me or people that I know. The answer is, yes. And no.

In HIDE AND SEEK, my heroine is a woman with whom I identify all too well. Delanie Eastman likes to believe she can fix anybody and everythingan enabler to the core. As an Aries, I used to have such delusions of superheroism, but now Im reformed and just try to make sure I enable my readers to enjoy a story! But truthfully, and Ill only tell you this, I really wanted my heroine to learn how to kick the enabling habit, so I made it as difficult as possible on her because I understood what personal and painful changes shed need to make.

Delanie is a quiet, respectable kindergarten teacher. Shes the pillar, the fixer, and the sole enabler in her family that everyone runs to. When she gets the umpteenth hysterical call for help from her sister, she hesitates for the first time. And it costs her dearly.

Before Delanie can ascertain Laurens latest drama, Lauren disappears. Dogged by guilt, and frantic with worry, Delanie traces her sister to a Las Vegas Casino, and the man Lauren called Mr. Wonderful: Ramsn Montero, a notorious crime lord.

Masquerading as a money-hungry bimbo, Delanie latches on to Montero
and accompanies him to his mountain stronghold in South America to search
for her baby sister. There shes horrified to find Dr. Kyle Wright. A man she had a briefand combustiblefling with seven years ago. A man who could blow her entire charade. And a man shes still very much attracted to.

With his waist-length dark hair, all-black wardrobe and snarky attitude, Dr. Kyle Wright has his own agenda. Hes there to take down Montero and topple the cartelfrom the inside. A situation that makes having Delanie around an enormous liability.

Both have secrets to keep. Each tries to force the other to leave. As Delanie says, Shes between a rock and a hard ass.

Excerpt from HIDE AND SEEK

Dont touch me again. Delanie warned, her gaze steady on his face. Ramsn wont like it. And more to the point, I dont like it.

Is that any way to talk to an old friend? Kyle asked.

We were acquaintances.

Ships that passed in the night?

The Titanic and the Andrea Doria, Delanie agreed sweetly.

Kyle laughed, his eyes sweeping her body. Honey, there wasnt an iceberg in sight.

No kidding. Theyd gone super nova. Which was beside the point. How did you know I was here?

What makes you think Im here because of you, jungle girl? She wasnt vain, but why else would Kyle Wright be here at precisely the same time she was? Just because I was naive enough to sleep with you the first time we met doesnt mean Id be stupid enough to do it again.

Sleep wasnt the operative word.

No. Stupid was. She pushed a strand of shoulder-length, Nice n Easy, number 98, Natural Extra Light Blonde hair behind her ear. What are
you doing here, Kyle?

Sound interesting? You can read more, and see scenes from Hide and Seek, at my website, Id love to hear how you feel about snakesand shoes. Write to me at P.O. Box 7632, Covington, WA 98042. Or

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