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K.C. Fox

Genre: E-book, Paranormal, Young Adult

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As a young child I had a lengthy illness that meant I spent many hours laid up in bed or resting on the living room couch. My mother being a librarian kept me occupied with books. 

I devoured those books letting them take me to far away lands to share the adventures of Dorothy from Kansas and Pippi Longstocking from Sweden. I traveled through the wardrobe to Narnia and through the looking glass with Alice. 

I must have totally exhausted the children’s books in our library very quickly because I started reading from the young adult section by fifth grade. I remember wishing there were more books to read, more adventures. That was when I started creating my own adventures. I would spin our old world globe, pour through old National Geographic Magazines for pictures of far-away places and make up stories of sailing across the oceans, and trekking through long-forgotten lands.

As a teenager I still loved to read but it became harder to find new books with stories of kids like me. I wanted characters I could identify with whether they were from the present time, long ago, or even other worlds.

Hide & Seek is the result of an evening on the Denver light rail commuter train letting my mind wander through a series of what ifs….

So this is my quest, my hope, to bring stories for your enjoyment and entertainment, full of characters you can care about. 


- K.C. Fox           

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