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Rochelle Alers

Book Title: HIDEAWAY
Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Martin Diaz Cole-tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, sensual and arrogant-believes he has it all, that is until he falls in love with Parris Simmons.

Parris, a beautiful, passionate and talented interior decorator, is a worthy counterpart for Martin. However, she is not interested in becoming involved with any man-even if that man is one of Florida's most eligible bachelors-because of her traumatic short-lived marriage to a man seventeen years her senior. But she isn't given a choice when Martin saves her life after her ex-husband's attempted murder-suicide plot is thwarted and their destinies are inexorably entwined. Abduction and a blackmailer's threat force Parris to leave Martin, and it is another ten years before the star-crossed lovers are reunited.

Amid a backdrop of fast-paced political campaigning and fund-raising events, Martin and Parris are thrust into the media spotlight where once again Parris is targeted for death. Sworn to secrecy and bound by an oath, she is unable to reveal to Martin who it is she suspects may be responsible for the attempts on her life.

HIDEAWAY has it all-romance, unforgettable lead characters, sensual love scenes, suspense, memorable and mysterious secondary characters, and a plot that pulls the reader in and never lets go until the last word.

My personal triumph in penning HIDEAWAY is that it is the first book in a five-book series. Each book will feature characters from HIDEAWAY and will have a common theme of finding a hideaway. However, each book will stand independently of the others.

HIDEAWAY is my second Arabesque romance (Happily Ever After was a Sept. '94 release), and readers can look for my Kwanzaa story in the Arabesque holiday anthology this December.

"Love Thy Neighbor" (tentative title) is scheduled for a summer '96 release and book two of the HIDEAWAY series (working title "Separate Lives") will appear sometime in late '96 or early '97. n

Readers are welcome to write to me at: P.O. Box 690, Freeport, New York 11520. Please send an SASE for reply.

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