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Dara Joy

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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High Energy

"He's deliciously naughty!" I told my editor, Joanna Cagan, when she asked me to describe the hero in my new contemporary, HIGH ENERGY. She liked the sound of that. "What else?"

"Tyberius Augustus Evans is steam heat; let's face it, he's a very good bad boy."

"Tell me more."

"He claims he's a scientist but he behaves like a pirate. He's totally unpredictable. A real hunk-gorgeous beyond words and brilliant to boot. A seductive rebel with a sense of humor. The kind of guy women drool over." I was warming up to the subject.

"Go on..." She seemed intrigued.

"The heroine, a small-town newspaper reporter, wants to investigate a phony psychic healer. She signs up for a seminar at the local university to get some background information for her article. Unfortunately, she mistakenly blunders into the hero's classroom. You see, she's a terrible speller-it's a physics seminar, not a psychic seminar. Tyber immediately catches on. He's attracted to her at once, and like the rogue he is, sets out to... Well, those scenes must be read to be believed. Did I mention he attempts to teach her physics via demonstration with his imaginative love play? The pirate does help her go after the psychic, though."

"It's sexy and funny?"

"It's my trademark," I joked. "Your sides will ache; your heart will go pitter-pat," I sang to the tune of the Felix the Cat theme song. (I happen to have an exceptionally wonderful editor; I would not recommend this technique to aspiring authors.)

"Don't tell me-you have a cat in there." She knows me too well.

"Hambone, you'll love him."

Well, the conversation sort of went like that. (Hey, I am a writer...) Anyway, she did love it. In fact, Leisure liked the book so much they told me they were going to release it with Jayne Ann Krentz's WHIRLWIND COURTSHIP in a special edition as lead tittle for the month of March! I was very excited by the innovative idea. Now my single title was a single title with company. And what company! I was very proud to be able to share this publication with Ms. Krentz.

Most importantly, I want to thank everyone for the incredible support I received for Knight of a Trillion Stars, especially Romantic Times for providing a first-time author such as myself with the forum to reach all of you. Since everyone's been asking-yes, there will be sequels! I just signed a five-book contract with Leisure Books (dreams do come true)! So, to everyone who wrote: hang in there-Rejar and Traed are on the ramp.

I would love to know how you liked HIGH ENERGY! Contact me via Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10001.. Please send an SASE for a reply.

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