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Jude Deveraux

Book Title: HIGH TIDE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

I wrote HIGH TIDE because I wanted to get back to my Montgomerys and Taggerts. These are families I wrote about for years, but I took a break from them and wrote a few other books. Now, with
moving from England back to the U.S., it seemed natural that I wanted to meet with my families again.

Ace Montgomery is a quiet man, a bit of a loner and I admired him a great deal. Even though he was a part of the strong Montgomery family, he chose to break away and follow his own drummer. He refused to use the family money and wanted to make it on his own.

My heroine, Fiona, was a joy to write about. She was such a normal young woman who loved her job, had a boyfriend, and thought she knew exactly where she was going in her life. But when circumstances changed her life, she had to look within herself.

I guess readers and writers see books differently, but for me, what I enjoyed most was seeing the way Fiona changed over the course of the book. At first, her main worry was getting sand in her shoes. But during the story some awful things happened to her. For one, she was called a sociopath by the newspapers. At the start of the book she is sure of who she is, but during the book, everything that she thought she knew about herself turns out to be wrong. It was interesting to watch her handle these changes in her life. I guess you could say that she grew up during the events of the book.

As for Ace, he was and is a bit of a mystery to me. I think he was a lonely man. He certainly lived a lonely life before he met my heroine. Since most of the people he met probably knew he was from an extremely wealthy family, I think he had retreated from everyone, pulling away until he lived in isolation in the swamps of Florida, studying his beloved birds night and day.

I enjoyed writing the book and I didnt know what was going to happen from day to day. Sometimes I plot out a book from the beginning and in this one I knew who the killer was and why that person had done it, but I didnt know if Fionas father was a bad guy or a good one, or what had happened to her mother. And the whole complicated story of Raffles was great fun to figure out as I went along.

All in all, the book was fun to write. I especially liked my heroines jibes about Aces birds.

I hope readers enjoy it as much as I did.

HIGH TIDE was formerly titled BABY DOLL. Readers can contact Jude c/o Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020.

Excerpt from HIGH TIDE:

Later, Fiona said that she didnt think, she just moved. What she sawher eyes blinking behind the dark glasses, her mind full of swamps and alligators and the treachery of the state of Floridawas a man with his arm being eaten off by an enormous alligator.

In school, Fiona had been the girl with the fastest reaction time in any game, whether it was soccer or pickup sticks, and now she lost no time. Next to her
was a woman with an airport luggage cart, and on top of it was a pink bowling ball bag with the name Dixie embroidered on it.

Without a thought, Fiona picked up the bag and threw it with all her might at the midsection of the alligator. She wasnt prepared for what happened next. The alligator exploded! It didnt open its mouth and release its victim. Instead there was a terrific noise, then the whole nasty green thing seemed to fly into thousands of pieces that went flying around the airport.

While Fiona stood there in stunned silence, the rest of the people in the airport seemed to go crazy. Instantly, there was screaming and shouts of, Bomb, bomb!; then sirens went off and people started running.

Unmoving, still not understanding what had happened, Fiona removed her sunglasses and looked at what she thought had been an alligator. A man came toward her and there seemed to be a double row of teeth attached to his upper arm. Her eyes were on the oddity of the teeth, but when she looked up at the man to ask why he was wearing teeth, she saw that he was furious and he was coming after her.

Instinctively, Fiona took a step backward, whereupon she tripped over the luggage cart of the woman who had had the bowling ball bag. But now the woman was gone, probably to join all the many people who were screaming and running frantically for the exits.

Lady, Im going to kill you, the man said as his hands made for Fionas neck.\

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