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Highland Secrets

Historical mysteries attract me like lodestones, so when I learned of a murder in the Highlands in 1752, I knew it would make the perfect background for Highland Secrets, the first sequel to Highland Fling. An exciting bonus was that the murderer's identity still stirs controversy among historians (not to mention inhabitants of the modern Highlands, most of whom still believe they hanged the wrong man for the crime).

HIGHLAND SECRETS tells the story of fiery Diana Maclean and proud Rory Campbell, Lord Calder. Rory is a powerful Baron of the Scottish Exchequer, which ruled over matters of property when Highlanders were fighting to keep even the barest remnants of lands they had owned for centuries.

The Macleans were the last Jacobite clan to yield to the "English," and when I decided to write about a Campbell, who was not entirely evil, it seemed imperative to match him against a woman whose politics would make a relationship between them seem unlikely if not impossible. Since Diana begins that relationship by rescuing first her mother from Edinburgh Castle prison, then a cousin from Castle Stalker, the most impregnable prison in the Highlands, fur flies from the outset. Relatives and a particularly impudent dwarf provide both comic relief and further complications.

HIGHLAND SECRETS is about the bonds of heritage and clan loyalty. The above mentioned murder forces Rory and Diana to recognize the dangers of blind loyalty, but they find that old habits and loyalties die hard, and that nothing is predictable.

While researching HIGHLAND SECRETS (and HIGHLAND TREASURE, June '98), I went to Scotland, visited all the sites mentioned in the book and spoke with descendants of several of the historic characters. The experience was incredible. I hope you enjoy the results.

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