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Paula Quinn

Genre: Medieval, Scotland, E-book, Historical Romance

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Dear Reader,

I’m thrilled to tell you about "A Highlander For Christmas", my very first novella and something that’s very close to my heart because it finally gives Finlay Grant his own happily ever after. When we first met Finn in Ravished By A Highlander, he was simply intended to be the son of Graham and Claire from A Highlander Never Surrenders and brother to Connor from Tamed By A Highlander. He was a colorful secondary character, a bard in the making. I had no idea he would come so alive and become one of my favorite characters in the series. I loved his gentle demeanor and the pride with which he cited his kin’s heroic deeds. He became my storyteller. 

And I just love storytellers. 

I grew up with storytellers in my life so it’s only natural that I would become one, and that one of my heroes would become one. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, it takes a certain kind of person to be able to tell a story well. Bards, like modern day authors wanted their works to be remembered, not for their own glory, but for the glory of their lord or chief. I loved writing Finn because he loved telling tales. I related to him in many ways, understanding his need not just to recount an event, but to captivate and to mesmerize. What good is a bard if no one listens to his words?

Every author wants his or her book to become a bestseller, but that’s not why we write. We want to share our tales, our heroes and heroines. We want to make others feel, whether its joy, sadness, terror, love…it doesn’t matter. Bards were no different. In every book where Finn appeared, his desire was to share what he loved and admired through words, through telling. He was good at it too. In fact, he was a master bard.

That’s why it was so much fun for me to watch his skill falter at the sight of Leslie Harrison. Leave it to love to make a person forget his own name. But eventually Finn remembered and pulled it together. Let’s not forget that this was a guy who knew instinctively how to praise, and praise his love, he did. Yes, of course, I love writing big, brooding, claymore toting warrior Highlanders who will go out and battle any foe to win the heart of his ladylove. But isn’t it just a bit more romantic when that warrior isn’t afraid to tell you what you mean to him? What loving you has done to him? And he can do it in a song? C’mon, who doesn’t love a musician? Finlay Grant is all that and he doesn’t brood.

I hope you will return with me to Camlochlin and revisit the MacGregors and Grants during the most magical time of the year, Christmas, and experience the magic of love.

Until next time,

Paula Quinn

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