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Three's a Crowd,
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We've all been there before: You meet and marry your soul mate; he marches off to war, then disappears; after a long period of mourning, you marry his best friend, who's always loved you from afar; then husband No. 1 reappears on the scene, demanding his wife, his lands and his title.

OK, maybe that doesn't happen to you every day, but Jennifer Haymore thinks modern readers will relate to the Regency-era heroine of her Forever debut, A Hint of Wicked. Sophie, the Duchess of Calton, is "a single mother who has faced a life-altering tragedy and grown incredibly strong
and independent in the aftermath," says the Southern California resident.

Sophie is also torn between two lovers, the first and the new, and no matter what she decides, somebody's gonna get hurt. But the good news is the "loser" in this romance will have his own love story in A Touch of Scandal, tentatively scheduled for April 2010.

Haymore says her husband Lawrence, who isn't a romance reader, often gives her the seed of an idea for
her books, which she then expands and makes romancey. "The core idea for A Hint of Wicked was his, but it has developed quite a bit from his original 'vision,' " she says, adding that his initial idea was something along the lines
of "enraged husband catches mourning wife in bed with another man. It was one of those scenarios I latched onto and ran with."

Haymore, whose day job is taking care of her three children, ages 4, 8 and 10, confides that while A Hint of Wicked is her first published novel, it's her third full-length book. She deems her first attempt, an unwieldy historical fiction, "unsellable," but she hopes to sell her second story, a full-length Regency, someday.

But that's someday. Right now, Haymore is concentrating on books two and three in her series. The as-yet untitled third book will be released sometime in late 2010/early 2011 and will feature the sister of one of Sophia's two husbands.

-- Liz French

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