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Kathleen Kirkwood

Genre: Historical Romance

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A medieval-style Pygmalion. What fun! And wouldnt it be grand
to return to the Middle Ages to set a new book? This one would be lighter
in tone than my previous medievals, but not without depth.

That was essentially what ran through my mind when HIS FAIR LADY first glimmered to life. As I began spinning out the story thread, I realized at once that my heroine would not be an Eliza Doolittle figure in the true sense. No flower girl turned society lady here. In the medieval world, commoners were prohibited from crossing class barriers to assume a place of higher rank. To belong to nobility one had to be born into it, otherwise, those gates were shut.

However, if for some reason a noble childsay, my heroine, Juliana Mandevillewas raised apart from her people, nothing would later prevent her from claiming her birthright and proper place. Further, for my purposes, how much more interesting if my hero, Royce de Warenne, was the one responsible for misplacing the little heiress with a peasant family.

HIS FAIR LADY opens as the young squire, Royce, sets off for the Crusades. When his company happens upon a burning village, he discovers a beautiful orphan amidst the destruction. Pressed to continue, he leaves the girl with the brewers family. Returning to England years later, now a knight of renown, Royce discovers he made a terrible mistake on that long ago night. The child was a noble heiress and he inadvertently robbed her of her birthright. Vowing to restore her to her rightful place, Royce sets off to find her.

Ana, the brewers daughter, disbelieves the knights tale. But while she cant remember much of her painful past, she has never forgotten the brave young man who saved her so long ago.

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