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My October Special Edition, HIS LITTLE GIRLS LAUGHTER, is a book that is especially close to my heart. In it, the heroine uses equine-assisted therapy to help the heros seven-year-old daughter heal from a trauma and speak again. This romance shows how compassionate humans and intuitive animals can help us uncover our strengths and use them to heal past hurts.

I have always been an animal lover. As I was growing up, I spent free time around horses and kittens on a relatives farm. There was a peace in playing with the kittens and watching the horses graze in pastures that drew me as a child and still beckons to me as an adult. The
animals themselves can work magic. I remember telling secrets to a yearling named Muley and sitting amidst hay bales with kittens who always brought a smile. Truly caring for animals has taught me about non-verbal communication, watching for signs and signals rather than listening to mere words. This is how my heroine, Shannon Collins, forms a bond with Rafe Piersons daughter, who has retreated into her own safe place.

All Rafe Pierson wants is for his daughter to speak again. Yet her laughter is the special gift Shannon gives him. Through this process, Rafe and Shannon realize that the sizzling attraction between them can lead them to put the past in the past and reach for forever love.

My first release for 2002 will be A HUSBAND IN HER EYES (March). This book is innovative for Sillhouette Romance. I hope my readers will also find it the most emotional book Ive ever written! Readers can write to me at P.O. Box 1545, Hanover, PA 17331 or e-mail me through my website at

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