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Kristin Hannah

Book Title: HOME AGAIN
Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Home Again

We all know what the holidays are like for wives and mothers and daughters-an endless series of countdown shopping days, dinners on white linen tablecloths and dishwashers that overflow. We love it, every crazy, overworked minute, but sometimes we have to sit back, take a deep breath and regroup.

For me, this is when I fight to reclaim a few precious moments that are just for me. Fifteen minutes in the bathtub with a good book is just what the doctor ordered.

Home Again is exactly the kind of book I love to read, a moving, emotional love story that makes you laugh and cry and think about what really matters in life. At the center of home again is Angel DeMarco, the ultimate Hollywood bad boy, a glittering, world-class playboy who is running from a dark past. His life is an endless series of celebrity parties-until he runs headlong into the brick wall of his own mortality and ends up in the care of Dr. Madelaine Hillyard, the woman he loved and betrayed sixteen years ago. The one woman he could never forget.

I think Madelaine is the most believable character I've ever created. She's like so many of us, a working mother who has her hands full raising a rebellious teenager daughter. A woman trying to do it all. The last thing Madelaine wants or needs is to see Angel-her first love-walk back into her life. But Angel is dying, both literally and figuratively, of a broken heart, and Madelaine is the only one who can save him. Together they will have to learn to trust in each other and themselves. Angel will have to face the demons of his past-including the loving brother, a priest, whom he left behind. And he will have to understand that sometimes love does mean saying you're sorry.

Poignant and inspiring, it is a story of modern-day miracles, medical...and perhaps those not of this world. Of all the books I've written, none has touched me as deeply as this one. It reminded me every day of the fragile threads that bind our lives and the strength that comes from caring. And what better time to read it than the holidays, a time when we hold our loved ones a little closer and say "I love you" just a bit more often.

I hope it makes you remember that even in this crazy, chaotic world, miracles really do exist.

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