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Home Fires

Okay, we all know what I'm supposed to be doing here. It's where I (perky, cheerful and breezily confident) am supposed to tell you how wonderful my new book is in such a way that you cannot help but run right out and buy it.

There's only one problem with that: I'm not sure I know how to do it.

I'm from Minnesota you see. And I'm a preacher's kid to boot. I was raised in an environment where being called cocky was nearly as bad as being called-gasp!-tardy. I'm going against decades of training here. (On the other hand, I'd be more than happy to tell you how fabulous my children are.)

But I can tell you that HOME FIRES was a very special book for me to write, extremely close to my heart.

The heroine Amanda Sellington is a woman with too many secrets. On the run from a dangerous past, all she wants is a quiet place to raise her son-and this small midwestern town seems like it might be exactly what she needs.

Jakob Hall is a man with too many memories. Burdened with a difficult life since he was young, he's counting down the days until he can be (at last) relieved of the responsibilities he inherited eleven years ago. All he wants is his freedom.

Amanda and Jakob are brought together by two young boys and a matchmaking town. But when her past threatens their future, they must fight together to heal old wounds and discover a love more powerful than either had ever dared to dream of.

Now, about that shameless self-promotion- well, I'll keep working on it. In the meantime here's what a few other people say about HOME FIRES:

"HOME FIRES is a heartfelt story of survival and love...I was so happy I cheered! An unequaled triumph!"-The Literary Times

"Susan Kay Law writes about love with joy and passion. HOME FIRES is the perfect read to warm up with beside a cozy fire."-Tanya Anne Crosby, author of Kissed.

Let me know what you thought of HOME FIRES. Also, if you'd like an autographed postcard of the cover send an SASE to: Box 828, Hopkins, MN 55343.

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