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Hometown Wedding

First, I want to thank all my readers for their gratifying response to Lydia. Your letters touched my heart. I hope you'll enjoy the rollicking change of pace set forth in my latest romance, Hometown Wedding.

As you might know, I love to travel. I have set my stories in Mexico, Panama, China, Africa, Alaska and many parts of the continental U.S. As you read this, I'll be puffing up and down hills to get into shape for a trekking expedition to Nepal. But for Hometown Wedding, I came home.

I came home to the remote little southern Utah town where I grew up. Home to clear skies, soaring mountain peaks, sweeping deserts-and to the warm, humorous, tough, caring people I will never forget.

I came home, as well, to remembering high school and the awkward girl I was back then-the boys on whom I lavished unrequited love, the dances where I huddled on the sidelines while the popular kids glided past me, worlds away. Out of these bittersweet memories, my heroine, Eden Harper, emerged.

Eden comes home nine years after graduation to nurse her mother after routine surgery. Beneath her glamorous facade, she still sees herself as clumsy, bungling Edna Rae Harper, whose high school career was so humiliating that she left town, changed her name and vowed to put the past behind her.

Trapped for the duration of her mother's recovery, Eden struggles to put up barriers between herself and the town she wants only to forget. But she hasn't counted on Travis Conroy, the former high school dreamboat who still has the power to make her heart turn flip-flops.

Divorced and living on the ranch he inherited from his parents, Travis could have his pick from among the local ladies. But one look at Eden, whom he scarcely noticed in high school, and he knows he won't rest until he persuades her to stay-for a Hometown Wedding that will make her his for keeps!

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