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Jennifer Estep

Book Title: HOT MAMA
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message


Sexy superheroes. Evil ubervillians. A smart, sassy gal looking for love.

My latest release, Hot Mama, from Berkley, is about as far away from holiday cheer, yuletide greetings and Christmas miracles as you can get.

That was a problem, since Hot Mama, the second in the Bigtime paranormal romance series, is releasing in November -- along with a slew of holiday-themed titles. The book focuses on Fiera, a superstrong superhero who can melt steel with her bare hands -- and who hopes to do the same to one man's heart. But with two new ubervillains in Bigtime intent on raising hell, Fiera's love life just might crash and burn. Not exactly holiday cheer.

I admit it -- I panicked. How was I going to market this? Who'd want to read it? Was it too late to turn one of my superheroes into a Christmas angel?

But I spotted the shining star on top of the publicity tree and realized there was a way to stand out from the Christmas crowd. My idea? Embrace the fact my book has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays.

My marketing strategy includes touting the book's campy, fun factor in letters to bookstores and readers' groups, as well as running a "Twelve Days of Bigtime" contest on my blog. But most of all, I'm positioning the book as a way to escape the Christmas crush -- if only for a few hours.

No matter how much you love the holidays, everybody needs a break from mistletoe, fruitcake and family members. What better way to rest and recharge your batteries than with a fun, sexy read like Hot Mama?

Marketing my third book, Jinx, should be easier. That Bigtime book, releasing April 1, is about a fashion designer whose "luck" superpower is more of a blessing than a curse.

The book was sold on a Friday the 13th, and it's coming out on April Fool's Day. Weird, huh? But, lucky for me, it's a built-in story just waiting to be told.

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