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Christina Skye

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Christina Skye's in HOT PURSUIT!

What do you do with a character who rolls into your life on New Year's Eve and starts spouting cheesy life-makeover resolutions? If you're me, you grab a pen and start writing as fast as you can!

A year of sleepless nights later… HOT PURSUIT is the result.

Meet Taylor O'Toole—the mystery writer from hell,
a character with a high-octane agenda and out-of-control anxiety. Taylor's life is crumbling around her. She's juggling death threats, a friend with a two-timing lover and
a hunky new neighbor who knows way too much about Taylor's sex life.

Did I forget to mention she also has a looming case of writer's block?

But aside from that, this is strictly a pedal-to-the-metal kind of woman, and her mysterious neighbor is going to have his hands full following the trail of mayhem in her wake. Of course, it doesn't help that Taylor has trust issues roughly the size of Montana.

Oh, yes, and a word about that enigmatic new man in Taylor's life. Navy SEAL Jack Broussard can drop a kidnapper with his bare hands and run airtight surveillance, and when Taylor stumbles into the middle of a secret government investigation, Jack's orders are to stick tight to his sexy neighbor 24/7. But what happens when a by-the-book SEAL tangles with a free spirit who makes being outrageous a new art form?

The chase is on!

OK, I confess, I confess! HOT PURSUIT is one of my all-time-favorite stories because I never knew what kind of trouble Taylor would stir up next. Readers of My Spy and Going Overboard will welcome Sam and Annie McKade back for another appearance, along with the unflappable Izzy Teague. (By the way, check out Izzy's amazing skills in HOT PURSUIT—you're going to see him in a whole new light!)

I'm also knee-deep in a hush-hush new project for two connected books, with more crossover characters, to be published back-to-back in the spring of 2004. Watch for complete details at my website,

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