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Kat Martin

Book Title: HOT RAIN
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Kat Martin

Life After the Ultimate Hero...

Last year, Chance McLain stole my heart. A cowboy (my personal passion!) from my novel The Secret, he became my all-time favorite male character, and after writing 27 books, I couldn't imagine feeling that way about another character. Is there life after creating a fictional masterpiece of a man? I knew it would difficult to come up with a man who could equal Chance—and nearly impossible to try to outdo him.

"And so for this month's release, HOT RAIN, I created Jake Dawson—never thinking he would rival that perfect image I had of Chance. He's tough and hard-edged, tall and ruthless and absolutely gets straight to the point. It turned out that there's more to Jake than meets the eye, for without my realizing, he had eventually stolen my heart as well. (A dangerous fellow indeed!)

"HOT RAIN, a contemporary romantic suspense, is the story of a woman who finds herself in the wrong place at the very worst time. Can you imagine being trapped on a yacht with a brutal gang of smugglers? Men who would slit your throat without the least remorse? Allie's only hope is Jake, a hard-eyed man who seems to have at least some spark of decency. But the guy is all male, Allie discovers, and dangerous to her in more ways than one.

"For me, as a lover of adventure and intrigue—and of course
a hot, sexy romance—writing the book was pure pleasure. And I learned that I can never have just one favorite character—and neither would I want to!"

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