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Lisa Marie Rice

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Erotic Romance

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There is something so very noble about being a Protector. You protect what you love most, protection is the very expression of love. Protecting the ones you love is instinct and comes from the deepest and best part of ourselves. 

The Protector series began with the premise of three men who bonded in a brutal foster home and became closer than brothers. They will do anything for each other. All three saw a great deal of cruelty to women and children when growing up and vowed to do something about it if they could.

All three men went into the armed forces. Sam of Into The Crossfire went into the SEALs, Harry of Hotter Than Wildfire went into Delta Force and Mike of Nightfire went into the Marines and Force Recon. They all made the elite Special Ops teams and became dangerous warriors without losing their humanity.

Having left the service, the three men set up a security company that becomes very successful. However, behind the scenes, they also run an underground railroad. The Protectors help abused women and children escape from dangerous husbands and lovers. They give them new identities and give them money to start a new life.

Harry Bolt has more reason than most to help protect women. He lost his mother and little sister to violence. When the most beautiful woman in the world walks into his office seeking help, he's primed to give it. And when it turns out she’s the woman with the voice that saved his life, he goes all out.

Readers are often curious about the origins of books, quite rightly. Sometimes the writers themselves don’t know where their ideas come from. I mean, it's not as if there is a sort of Idea Central—this place you go to for new ideas. 

The kernel for Hotter Than Wildfire was listening to an album by Norah Jones for the first time. By kernel, I mean the equivalent of the grain of sand in an oyster that will eventually turn into a pearl. Because once you have that grain of sand, the idea has only begun. There will be layers and layers around that grain of sand before the pearl starts forming.

At a fairly sad time in my life, someone gave me Norah Jones’ first album and something about it literally swept me away. I’d listen to that album over and over again, for hours. Each time I’d find something new to appreciate. Above all, it took me out of myself, cancelled out my problems which were chasing each other around my head.

It was, in the truest sense of the word, magic. That soft, perfect voice with the faintest hint of the South fed straight into my head lifted my woes for a while. And a while is really all you need.

And so the image formed in my head of a wounded warrior, almost beyond repair, who doesn’t know whether he will ever be able to walk again, finds solace in the music he feels the singer is singing only for him. That lovely voice is a reminder, in the depths of his despair, of the beauty and grace in the world.

And so Ellen saves Harry’s life well before he saves hers.

- Lisa Marie Rice

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