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Brenda Joyce

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Brenda Joyce returns with the paperback release of a modern-day gothic ghost story in HOUSE OF DREAMS. When shy historical novelist Cass de Warenne meets her high society sisters man of the moment, medieval studies expert Antonio de la Barca, shes unprepared for the intense feelings he ignitesand for his offer that lures her to a remote castle in Spain.

Cass visits Antonios ancestral home to help unearth the legend that has haunted both of their families for centuries. The legend centers around a woman named Isabel who was burned at the stake 450 years ago. Only when Cass arrives with her sister, the nightmare beginsthe power goes out, the phones dont work, their tires are slashed Then people begin to die. It is believed that Isabel is out for revenge But what if there is someone else on the property who doesnt want the past brought to light?

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