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What if Jane Austen had written The Rules? Would she teach us HOW TO MARRY A MARQUIS?

In my latest novel from Avon Books,
the fictitious Mrs. Seeton wrote such a book. The era is Regency England, and Elizabeth Hotchkiss is a penniless orphan with three siblings to support. Elizabeth must marry well?and soon! When she stumbles across a little red book, she
wonders if this collection of rules and
edicts might be the answer.

But Elizabeth has no idea that the new estate manager at the grand country house, where she works as a lady?s companion, is a marquis in disguise. When James Sidwell offers to help her find a husband, he never dreams that the only candidate he can propose is himself?

?What,? she said, so slowly that he knew her temper was hanging by a frayed thread, ?is wrong with these men??

?Well, for one thing, this one??he pointed to Sir Bertram Fellport?
?is a drunk.?

She looked back down at the torn paper in her hand. ?What about Lord Binsby??

?He gambles.?


James nodded, beginning to enjoy himself. ?Excessively. And he?s fat.?

She started to point again. ?What about??

?Married, married and married.?

Elizabeth let out a long exhale.
?That still leaves Mr. William Dunford and Captain Cynric Andrien. I suppose one
is deformed and the other a simpleton??

He was sorely tempted to agree with her, but one look at Dunford and captain and she?d know he?d been bamming
her. ?They are both considered to be handsome and intelligent.?

?Then what is the problem??

?Dunford?s a rake. He?s certain to
be unfaithful.?

?I?m hardly a prize, James. I can?t expect perfection.?

His eyes glowed hot. ?You should expect fidelity. You should demand it.?

She stared at him in disbelief. ?It would be lovely, I?m sure, but it hardly seems as important as??

?Your husband,? he growled, ?will remain faithful to you or he will answer to me.?

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