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Katie Lane

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

My husband has a thing for real Christmas trees. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that need watering twice a day at first, and once a day a week later, and not at all when the needles start littering your carpet. The kind that have trunks so big that no tree stand works so they keep falling over and breaking your heirloom ornaments. The trees that cost a good sixty dollars and still have holes the size of a front-loading washing machine. 

Okay, so I guess you know where I’m headed with this. I’m not a real Christmas tree fan. I like my trees to come in a box with branches that fold up like the ones the Grinch stole from Whoville.  

I didn’t always feel this way. My preference for non-flammable trees started the year my husband decided that, rather than leave our dead tree out on the curb for the trash collector, he was going to chop it up right there in our living room and burn it in the fireplace. Since I love a roaring fire, I sat down in my hickory rocker to watch as Hubby piled the branches in and then flicked the lighter to life.

In a matter of seconds, the show was over. 

Crackle. Whoosh. Gone.

I stood there staring at my charred hearth, horrified that something that flammable had been right under my daughters’ bedrooms.  The following year, we bought our tree at Target. And as with all my life experiences, the incident found its way into one of my contemporary romance novels, Hunk for the Holidays.

Of course, my holiday story isn’t just about a tree “accidentally” catching fire. It’s a story about Cassie McPherson, a woman who is struggling to find her voice in a family of four brothers and a domineering father. She gets help from an unlikely source—an escort she hires to take her to the company Christmas party. 

So where does the flaming tree come in? So as not to ruin the story, all I can tell you is that it comes after the purse filled with condoms and the drunk sex, but before the Midnight Mass confession and the one-eyed cat adoption. Unfortunately, the tree doesn’t catch fire in a fireplace and will require the services of the fire department to get the blaze under control. But no matter how much commotion and conflict the tree will cause my heroine and hero, it will be what finally brings Cassie and James together. Because, whether real or artificial, trees are symbols of more than just the holiday. Around their glittering boughs, we come together to celebrate what the season is all about—love.

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are thy branches.”      

- Katie Lane

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