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When a secret courier under the guise of a nun goes missing, who are you going to call? For Robert the Bruce, the­ choice is easy. From his band of “the best of the best” warriors in each discipline of warfare, Bruce taps the unrivaled tracker Ewen, war name “Hunter”, Lamont.

For five years, Ewen has been putting his prized tracking skills to the test in the highly dangerous, extreme missions of the elite secret fighting force known as the Highland Guard. Blunt, gruff, and sometimes harsh, Ewen is perfectly suited to the warrior’s life. Women are foreign creatures to him, their sweet, docile temperaments at odds with his rough (not just around the edges), battle-hard manner. He’s never found himself captivated by any woman beyond the bedchamber, until he stumbles upon the silver-tongued, termagant “Sister Genna.” His desire for the Italian nun shames him, and after a sinful kiss, he is relieved to part ways. But something about her bothers him. The bold, impudent beauty is unlike any nun he’s ever met. Actually, she’s unlike any woman he’s ever met.

Soon he learns why. Sister Genna isn’t a nun at all. She’s really Lady Janet of Mar, the thought to be dead twin sister of the wife of one of his fellow guardsmen. In actuality, Lady Janet has been acting as a courier for Robert the Bruce carrying messages via the church from their allies in England to Bruce in Scotland. When Lady Janet really does go missing, Ewen agrees to find her and bring her back to the Bruce. But without the protection of the veil between them, however, fighting his attraction to the troublesome lass who is meant for another might be biggest challenge this fierce warrior has ever faced.

I must admit, I didn’t have to look far for inspiration with the character of Janet. In my previous life I was a lawyer, and according to my mother, I’ve been making my case since I could talk. Janet is my imagining of how a lawerly-minded woman might have put those skills to use if she was born in the 13/14th Century. Ironically, this woman who can talk her way out of anything, finally meets her match in the too-blunt, man-of-few-words Ewen.

Ewen doesn’t waste time with social niceties. But what he lacks in social skills, he more than makes up for in soldiering. He is all warrior, a man of his times, and perhaps a little “limited,” shall we say, in his view of a woman’s place in a man’s medieval world. But don’t worry, Janet is going to enlighten him a little and set him straight. 

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