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Anyone with a name like Catt Alborak is bound to find trouble with a capital T. Well, shes found it all right: in the guise of terribly handsome and capable Ty Hunter, mercenary for Perseus. Shes leading a team of epidemic specialists in Brazil, where a violent and mysterious outbreak has killed half a village of Juma Indians. The last thing Catt needs on this mission is her dark past to resurrect itself.

Ty Hunter, ex-Marine, is an expert in biohazardous materials. He knows the territory and speaks four languages fluently, including Portuguese, a skill that got him this unfortunate assignment. The second oldest of the four Hunter brothers, he, too, harbors a painful secret from his past.

The last person Catt ever wants to
see is him. At first she refuses to take Hunter along on the epidemiological
mission. The problem is, Ty, as well as Perseus, believes the aerosol attack on the unsuspecting Indian village was done on purpose, by the sinister Black Dawn terrorists. He must protect the team while proving the attack was no fluke.

As a medical doctor and an internationally recognized virologist, Catt knows shes good, and she doesnt suffer fools at all. Her reputation is legendary. Men tremble before her. Shes applauded
by the women in her field because
shes a role model, but her reputation brings a price.

Catt is lonely. In her heart, she pines for a family, and for a man she can not only love, but respect. Isnt there one
out there who has her heart, her courage and moxy? A man who isnt afraid of a confident woman who is fully empowered to be herself?

Catt more than meets her match in
Ty Hunter. While battling her hearts desire to fall for the handsome, low-key mercenary, she must also keep her team on top of breaking developments with
the epidemic. Catt finds herself emotionally bludgeoned by circumstances out of her control.

Only when a tragedy occurs does she find solaceand lovein Ty Hunters waiting arms. It is then that her world explodes and the danger that has tracked them becomes a lethal reality. Just as she discovers love, Catt realizes with horror that it can be ripped away from her and destroyed- forever.

Book 3 in the Morgans Mercenaries series, HUNTER'S PRIDE, about Dev Hunter, will be published in October 1999 as a Silhouette Special Edition. Book 4, THE UNTAMED HUNTER, a Silhouette Desire featuring Shep Hunter, is due out in January 2000.
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