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Karen Rose

Book Title: I CAN SEE YOU
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Karen Rose


The wait is almost over! If you're a fan of Karen Rose's earliest suspense novels -- Don't Tell and Nothing to Fear -- then you probably know David Hunter, his nephew Tom and family friend Eve Wilson. And you're probably wondering what's happened to them. In her new novel, I Can See You (Aug., Grand Central), Rose revisits these popular characters.

"It was such a pleasure to spend time with them again," says Rose. "I've wanted to write David Hunter's book for a very long time -- and many readers have demanded it -- but I could never get the chemistry right with the heroine and the storyline.

"For example, David was supposed to be the hero of my third and fifth books, but it just didn't feel right. Finally, after finishing Die for Me, David's story came together -- and then I realized I wasn't finished with the Vartanians after all. Daniel and Susannah Vartanian had left me with quite an unanticipated cliffhanger! So I went back and wrote Scream for Me, then Kill for Me, and David had to wait for his happily ever after."

But there's a slight hitch. I Can See You, the first book in the new series, is actually Eve's story. Book two, out in June 2010, Silent Scream, is, as Rose says, "all David!" I Can See You features a group of detectives nicknamed the Hat Squad. One of those detectives is Noah Webster, a recovering alcoholic. Rose's fans know that Eve, who went by Evie in the previous books, survived an attack by a serial killer years earlier. She now lives in the Minneapolis (as does Tom), works at a bar that caters primarily to cops and is trying to get her degree when she discovers that participants in a study she's working on are being killed. That brings her into contact with Noah, whom she's been crushing on (and who's been crushing on her) for a year. But given their personal baggage, nothing about their path is smooth, especially since the killer makes it clear he wants Eve.

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