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Stephanie Bond

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Stephanie Bond 'Fesses Up About Her Childhood Crush and New Book

The singer was David Cassidy, who played the older brother on 'The Partridge Family.' And yes, I harbored the same crush on him as every other girl in the country. I loved that feathered hair of his, not to mention his white jumpsuit! The hit song from 'The Partridge Family' in the '70s was a perfect, nostalgic pick for the title of my new romantic comedy murder mystery from St. Martin's, I THINK I LOVE YOU! After talking to a friend who told me his grandmother's feuding children had finally reconciled to save their childhood home from the auction block, I imagined my own set of rivaling sisters reuniting when their family home is auctioned off. But what had sparked their quarreling? Would you believe that it was a man? And now forced to reunite, these three estranged sisters face the consequences of a murder they witnessed when they were children, and finally begin to sort out their feelings about the one man they each thought they loved. Readers can find out more by visiting"

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