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Kathryn Smith

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Monster Mash


Whether you're excited or aggravated by the number of fictional vampires populating books lately, Kathryn Smith, a paranormal author of historical bloodsuckers now taking a leap into the contemporary, has some answers for you.

"Vampires are the ultimate in the tortured hero and
'forever love', " says the author, whose new series, The Nightmare Chronicles, begins this month with Before I Wake (Avon). "A vampire will always be strong and capable. And yet there's that fantasy that they can only be saved by the love of the right woman," she says. "I know some readers don't like the blood thing, but there is something terribly romantic about knowing that the heroine is literally able to keep the hero alive."

Smith's latest leaves the vampires in the past as she pens
a romantic urban fantasy, her first foray into writing from the first-person perspective. The perspective shift was, according to the author, the best and worst part of leaping forward in time, fictionwise. "I love truly becoming my characters," Smith says, but she also had to deal with "not being able to show another character's point of view when it would really come in handy." Luckily, Smith had another paranormal trait at the ready to help her with that conundrum: Her heroine, Dawn, can visit people's dreams. "So she can figure out what's going on in their heads if she really wants to!" Smith says.

To get out of her own head Smith relies on her husband
to drag her out of the house and away from her computer. A healthy new obsession with Rock Band, a karaoke game on XBox, also helps. "I mostly sing," she says, "not well, mind
you, but it's fabulous fun."

Also fun for Smith is delving into paranormal worlds, but if the author had her pick, she wouldn't choose to be a vampire or a dream traveler. She'd rather be a fallen angel.

"I'd be beautiful and talented, tall and perfectly built (I'm so vain!)," she confesses. Add to that physical perfection "the broodiness that would come with having been kicked out of your home, but there's always hope that you might return," she says. "Plus, a fallen angel isn't totally good -- and they can seriously kick some butt!"

Sounds like a perfect match for a doomed but dreamy vampire.

-- Elissa Petruzzi

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