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What if the man of your dreams has the ability to make people tell him every secret they have? What if he can make people do what he wants them to even if they don’t want to do it? What if his deep attractive voice and his night sky eyes can not only seduce, but enthrall? Even more intriguing, what if he shows up in your rose garden, naked, and asking for help? These questions and more crowd the heroine’s mind in If He's Dangerous, my latest book in the Wherlocke series, out June 7th.

Lady Lorelei Sundun is simply enjoying a sunny day in her father’s gardens when Sir Argus Wherlocke appears before her. And a rose bush is all that keeps her from seeing just how studly a man he is. Before she can find out the answers to all her questions, including the one about just how studly a fellow he is, he vanishes, leaving behind only a plea for help.

Just what is a lady to do? Since Lady Lorelei is an independent lady born into a very large, very eccentric family, I think you can guess. She rides to the rescue, of course, and finds herself plunged into an adventure that proves to be as dangerous to her heart as it is to her well-being.

Sir Argus is in deep trouble. A group of men hold him prisoner and demand that he give them his ‘gift’. They want his talent of mesmerism, the way he can get any information he wants with just the use of his voice and his eyes. It has served him well in his work for the government but it’s not something he can, or would, hand over to anyone. Knowing his life is in danger, he tries to reach his family, searching for help, only to find himself in the gardens of Sundunmoor facing a pretty little redhead.

And just how did he get in that garden without having already rescued himself, you ask? That is nicely explained in the book. I don’t want to give too much away.

Argus’s story came about because he kept popping up in the other Wherlocke tales. He was obviously demanding his own story, his own romance. But nothing should come too easy for such a handsome, arrogant man like Sir Argus Wherlocke so I gave him Lorelei. She’s smart, free-spirited, and will give him a very hard time, especially since she is the seventh child of the Duke of Sundunmoor and far, far above the touch of a mere knight of the realm. A knight who very much wants to touch her – a lot. If a threat to his life is not enough, he now faces a threat to his heart-free life style and the chaos of his large eccentric family mixing with her large eccentric family in the fight to save him. Poor Sir Argus.

I hope you will give If He's Dangerous a try and see just how Sir Argus and Lady Lorelei fare.

- Hannah Howell

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