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Kayla Perrin

Book Title: IF YOU WANT ME
Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Remember high school? How many of us would rather not? For many of us, our high school years were a very hard time. We werent beautiful enough, thin enough, shapely enough, smart enoughyou name it, we were all insecure to some degree during high school.

Now, imagine being overweight, shy, having few friends, and feeling distant from your beautiful sister and your mother who doesnt understand you. Then imagine that your one true friend also happens to be the guy youre madly in love with, but hes in love with one of the prettiestand certainly not the nicestgirls in school.

Such is the case for Alice Watson, the heroine of my first novel for HarperCollins, IF YOU WANT ME. Alice is head-over-heels in love with Marcus Quinn, but when she realizes shell never have him outside of her dreams, she heads to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Fast-forward 13 years, and Alice Watson is now the stunning Desirie LaCroix. When her mother has a heart attack she returns home, where she meets up with Marcus again. But hes not quite so friendly now, believing that she has gone Hollywood. Alice has her work cut out for her in convincing Marcus that shes the same old Aliceplus shes got the challenge of dealing with a very real threat to her life. Marcus, who is now a cop, cant walk away while she is in dangerand, as you can guess, the sparks are going to fly between these two.

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