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Jean Ross Ewing

Book Title: ILLUSION
Genre: Historical Romance

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Author's Message

I love to pitch my characters into situations with high stakes, as you know if youve read my Regencies. But my idea for ILLUSION was so outrageous and wickedly sexy, two publishers vied for the proposal. When my Berkley editor read the whole manuscript, bells must have rung, for ILLUSION was immediately promoted to a Berkley lead title, unprecedented with them for a first historical. I feel incredibly privileged to have been given this chance.

So what was the idea? A Regency lady comes home from India trained in the erotic secrets of the Kama Sutra. The powerful lord who wins her for one wanton night of passion swears to resist her erotic allure. And the fate of nations hinges on what happens that night.

Nigel, Lord Rivaulx, is a brilliant spy with secrets of his own. Sated with sensation, he craves only innocence. Miss Frances Woodard is bravely determined to carve her own future, but when she returns to England shrouded in silk and mystery, she can survive only as a professional courtesan. Yet how dare this darkly handsome rake claim her favors by winning her at dice? This story sweeps Frances and Nigel to Paris in the dangerous turmoil before Waterloo. Treachery awaits these two and thrusts Frances into Nigels world of intrigue and adventure.

Soon the game of nations only mirrors their game of desire, entangling them in a seductive web of passion and illusion.

I had tremendous fun researching and writing ILLUSION. The Regency setting is a natural for me, since I grew up in a Georgian house in the English countryside. (There were still stone sinks and servants bells.) Real history gave me all the international intrigue and dastardly villains I needed. Researching the erotic secrets of India was a bit more challenging. My agent says this romance draws aside a silken curtain on a world of opulent sensuality that no Regency heroine ever dreamed of entering. Suffice it to say, theres always something new to learn! And thats what Nigel discovers when he first meets Frances. She shatters all of his preconceptions and confronts him with desires he thought hed suppressed long ago. Yet to unravel Nigels dark secrets will challenge even Francesand they must learn from each other the much harder lessons of love.

Berkley pulled out all the stops for a striking, sophisticated cover. Gorgeous silk scarves in brilliant green, blue, rose and amber entwine through Nigels gold signet ring, embossed with the Rivaulx symbola ferocious griffin.

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