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Kendra Leigh Castle

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Dear Reader,

I’m an animal person. Ask anyone who knows me, and that’s bound to come up pretty quickly. Part of it is because of the number of pets I have (three dogs and one cat, currently), but a lot of my “friend of the furry” cred comes from the substantial, well, substance of two of them. In my neighborhood, new people invariably greet me with, “Oh, are you the one with the giant brown dog?” Yes. Yes I am. That would be Chewie the Newfoundland, generally accompanied by his lovely (and only slightly less enormous) black and white sister, Stella. They’re big. They shed. They drool. And because they are also the best dogs ever, they inspired me to write a Newfoundland sidekick for the heroine of my new book, Immortal Craving.

Grimm the Newf, beloved pet of Bay Harper, combines a lot of the sweet, funny traits of my own dogs. The bearlike lumbering, the heavy sighs, the insistent parking of his big furry butt on the feet of his people—these are things I encounter on a daily basis. Grimm isn’t an exact copy, of course. Like every character I write, he took on a life of his own. But as a representative of the breed, I think he does pretty well. Grimm is both sweet and stubborn, an intelligent, deliberate dog who loves people but wouldn’t hesitate to defend, and even lay down his life for, his special person. His softness should never be mistaken for weakness—there is nothing weak about a Newfoundland, as anyone who has ever tried to get one to do something he or she has no interest in doing can attest. And though there are no children in the book, I will guarantee that Grimm would adore any child that crossed his path. Chewie and Stella keep a close eye on my own children…and not just because the youngest is apt to drop food on the floor!

I love that through Grimm I can share an important part of my life with readers. Is it a perfect part? Well, that depends on your definition of perfection. There really is a lot of shedding. And drool. And combinations of the two, which I won’t even get into. Oh, and since my Stella is a big klutz and doesn’t know where her back end is half the time, I end up with bruises on my feet on a regular basis. But I get big shaggy necks to hug, and velvety muzzles to kiss, and free front-row seats to canine Greco-Roman wrestling every time the dogs decide to play. I get laughter and joy, and the sort of unconditional love that is the special gift of animals. To me, that’s perfection.

I hope you’ll all enjoy meeting Bay and Grimm in Immortal Craving, and that my snapshot of life with a big, silly, wonderful dog will make you smile the way Chewie and Stella make me smile every day.

Happy Reading!

- Kendra Leigh Castle                

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