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Angie Fox

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Immortally Yours began as a “what if.” What would it be like if paranormal creatures didn’t just heal themselves?  What if there was a great paranormal war and both sides were in need of doctors and nurses? What if I created an entire paranormal MASH unit?

Now that sounded like fun. It would let me do something different. Plus, it would allow me to write a book not only about a hero and heroine, but also about the community where they live. I love drawing unique characters and a quirky, paranormal M*A*S*H unit was a great place to start.

I let the characters take over from there and pretty soon I had Galen, a tough-as-nails wounded warrior and Petra, the doctor who saves him (in more ways than one). Then there are Petra’s roommates: a vegetarian werewolf who misses home and family; and a vampire with an almost pathological need for privacy (a rare commodity in a MASH camp). Then you have Horace the orderly, who also happens to be a minor god (if he could only get his three-wheeled chariot cult going again…)

Petra and her colleagues at the MASH 3063rd have been drafted until the end of the war. They’re living in this ad-hock camp, trying to make the best of it while they work long hours in the OR, putting soldiers back together — knowing that they’re probably going to see these injured heroes again and again — if they’re lucky.

The underlying tragedy brings the oddball personalities in the camp together. They develop ways to keep their sanity and to create the kind of relationships that offer a port in the storm. And Petra learns that she can also find love again in the most unexpected way.

For fun, and to introduce readers to the series, I’ve created a special website for Immortally Yours. It offers readers an interactive experience that centers on the news network that is covering the war.

In this new series, PNN is the paranormal version of CNN. The “official” PNN website is a bit like The Onion, only paranormal. Check it out at

 - Angie Fox

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